October 25, 2020

Welcome to Sullivan Street

Who we are, what we do, and how we're different
October 25, 2020

Welcome to Sullivan Street

Who we are, what we do, and how we're different

In 2019 I left my job as an art director to freelance and explore ways in which I could sell my artwork while building a brand.I quickly landed on forming a print design studio, largely because I had some experience as a buyer, and I wanted to expand on my knowledge of textiles and historical pattern while developing my art practice. As I worked on my business plan and thought about the kind of clients I’d love to partner with, I realized that I would need to collaborate with other artists to achieve the diversity I was after for the studio library. Conversations started, in earnest, with a handful of artists I had developed friendships with as an art director. As we chatted, I was able to hone in on what mattered most to them and how a platform for selling our work could be mutually beneficial.

Welcome to Sullivan Street Studio.

Who we are

A service-based studio built around relationships.

Our primary goal is to provide clients with a unique design buying experience and personalized service, while also supporting the artists with whom we partner. Creative freedom, collaboration and respect are paramount to the success of the studio and the backbone of its identity.

What we do

We tell stories.

While the trend and art development process is dense with research and executed with great attention to detail, the end result is simple: Storytelling. We begin forecasting and trend development about 10 to 12 months before the artwork becomes available on the website and 6 months before spring and fall RTW fashion months. Winter and summer are smaller seasons but follow the same timeline.

Story development begins with global societal trends and cultural shifts. These high-level conversations provide a baseline for how the consumer is (and will be) evolving, and how retailers, brands and manufacturers will respond to a changing market. We then drive down again, and again...and again. If people are feeling hopeful about their future, how is that changing their habits? Are they traveling more? Or staying home more? How are they spending their time? Crafting? Tending to a garden? Playing video games? Feeling gives way to behavior, and behavior drives stories.

When we land on a story we’d like to tell, we decide on a vehicle with which to tell it. This may be a combination of iconography, color, cultural or historical reference, pattern, people, music, art movements...the list goes on. In time, each story coalesces around a defining look and feel, which in turn informs our designs for the season.

Our goal is to provide clients with a more thoughtful approach to pattern development. For clients with a strong point of view or working within the parameters of a detailed brief, the studio website offers robust search and filter capabilities, and intuitive navigation that mirrors traditional B2C e-commerce. Clients working on projects with more flexibility will find inspiration while browsing the studio library or exploring curated collections.

How we're different

The artists are what make this studio special.

I take a democratic approach to soliciting and developing studio artwork. Artists are not explicitly promoted on the website, and this relative anonymity allows them to experiment freely, outside the scope of their personal brand or practice. I’ve been mindful of scouting for artists with diverse backgrounds and areas of focus. The result is a studio library that is unique and dynamic.

All designs are offered for outright purchase, with no restrictions on usage. A select number of designs are available as non-exclusive. To sign up for library access, visit our registration page.


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