Custom Designs

When the pandemic sequestered us to our homes, we began reflecting on what was most important: family, friends, comfort, safety, and self-care.

Trend Reports

For this Spring 2022 story, artists explored nature, experimented with shades of green, and embraced the imperfection of loose geometric shapes.

Collection Development

Stories are developed far in advance of fashion month. Each season we review the shows and explore how studio stories are reflected in the collections.

Meet Kari

In 2019 I left my job as an art director to freelance and explore ways in which I could sell my artwork while building a brand. I quickly landed on forming a print design studio, largely because I had some experience as a buyer, and I wanted to expand on my knowledge of textiles and historical pattern while developing my art practice. As I worked on my business plan and thought about the kind of clients I’d love to partner with, I realized that I would need to collaborate with other artists to achieve the diversity I was after for the studio library. Conversations started, in earnest, with a handful of artists I had developed friendships with as an art director. As we chatted, I was able to hone in on what mattered most to them and how a platform for selling our work could be mutually beneficial.

This is how we work

Artists Partnerships

The independent artists with whom we partner make Sullivan Street Studio special and unique. Artists are scouted year-round and are afforded freedom to explore and create work outside the scope of their usual practice or brand. The mix of work from artists and our in-house team ensure a diverse and dynamic studio library.

Artists begin creating work for studio stories approximately 14 - 20 months before retail drops for the corresponding season.

Story Development

Story development begins with a look at global trends and cultural shifts. These high level conversations are then distilled into more focused stories, which we share with our collaborating artists.

Our storytelling process begins approximately two years prior to retail drops for the corresponding season.

Curation and Styling

Collaborating with a wide range of artists affords the studio team ample opportunities for pattern styling, helping clients better envision their projects.

The breadth of art styles, mediums and points-of-view available in the studio library are unique to the market and great fun to explore.

Contact us with details about your project or needs, we'd love to chat!

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